50 Bill Style Men's Billfold Wallet V605-116-1196-50BILL

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Super thin wallet provides a slim profile, less bulk and freedom of movement 
The mighty wallet is tear-resistant, water-resistant and recyclable 
Made from a single folded sheet of a strong micro fiber material (Tyvek) 

  • 100% Plastic Hand Wash 
  • Perfect for Everyday Use 
  • Inside Zipper Pocket 
  • 2 pockets for cash 
  • Sides pockets 
  • Hold up to 6 Credit cards 

The wallet is tear-resistant, water-resistant and recyclable, these cool wallets resist tearing because of thousands of interlocking plastic fibers spun in random patterns, giving them incredible strength. Because of the slim, lightweight and water resistant features, you can take these cool wallets anywhere. They make great "night out" wallets for a slender silhouette and the writable surface conveniently acts as a quick note pad on the go. in time, the wallet will gradually soften even after years of wear, it will still offer surprise and solicit intrigue.